Who are we?

The Vignobles de Vendéole reaches from the Black Mountain to the gates of Limoux. 

It is a wine-growing area influenced by two different climates ; Mediterranean and Oceanic. 

The easterly and westerly winds dictate which grape varieties are planted and shape the landscape as well as the growers’ personalities. 

From the Cabardès and Malepère appellations, to the Cité de Carcassonne, PGI OC and Côtes de Prouilhe, The Vignobles de Vendéole offers a range of wines rich in style and diversity.

A little bit of history

The Vignobles de Vendéole are the fruits of two wine cooperatives merging together in January 2019 ; Cave du Razès and Cave La Malepère. 

In 1947 Cave du Razès was launched at Routier’s old train station in the Aude department. 

Cave la Malepère was created two years later in 1949 in Arzens, at the gates of the city of Carcasssonne. 

During this post-war period, the growers had been through several severe crises ; vines destrroyed by phylloxera, mass rural exodus brought on by the two wars.  In order to face this situation and protect their families’ vineyards, the growers decided to join together to produce exceptional wines. 

For a sustainable future

In 2007 with ten other pionneer wine cooperatives, we decided together to shape our approach to sustainable development; this was the beginning of the lable « Vignerons en Développement Durable », or Growers for Sustainable Development. 

Certified since 2010, this commitment shows our will to live up to our consummers’ expectations, in other words vine-growing that’s more respectful of the environment, of the local inhabitants, and economically more sustainable. 

However the quality of a wine doesn’t only lie in sustainable vine-growing and an aromatic bouquet…  The quality of a wine is also sanitary. 

Our Agri Confiance certification requires us to ensure traceability, and to take the necessary mesures to guarantee a quality product from the vine to the glass.


Some varietals

The Merlot ripens early and, in our appellation, is harvested first. It gives soft, supple and easy drinking wines.

The Cabernet Franc, grape very rich in pulp, consisting of small clusters with black and bluish berries, confers finesse and elegance.

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape with thick skin, finds its ground of preaching on the clayey-limestone soils. It allows producing full-bodied and racy wines, suitable for aging.

The Chardonnay, one of the finest white grape varieties, small, golden and brilliant grapes, gives a firm, complete and vigorous wine, characteristic of chalky soils.